What is a magnetic ponytail hat?

What is a magnetic ponytail hat?

A magnetic ponytail hat uses the power of magnets to create a closeable opening in the back of a hat. Ponyback's patent-pending design is the first to utilize magnets that attract in a side-by-side fashion to create a discrete closeable magnetic seam; that allows your hair to pull through the opening from the top button to the bottom of the band. The magnetic seam looks like a regular seam that would appear in a normal full back hat. This means that when you are wearing your hair in a down style, you don't have any awkward permanent openings; and no one would know that you are actually wearing a ponytail hat. 

Ponyback's patent-pending magnetic technology creates a flexible seam; that can wrap around your hairstyle; the magnets the close around the hair to create a snug look. 

Ponyback's founder Stacey Keller came up with the idea using her kids magnetic toys. She really wanted a fitted fullback hat; but one that could also accommodate her hairstyle. Hat brands that cater to men; have an extraordinary amount of fitted options and styles; and she wanted to have a version that would work for her. 

To hear the full story of how owner/creator Stacey Keller came up with the idea; and for all the behind the scenes - check out our YouTube channel

For more information on magnet safety - please read our product safety guidelines


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