5 Reasons why Ponyback is the best hat for women

5 Reasons why Ponyback is the best hat for women

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"Best Hat I've Worn" ~ Laura

Wow! This review from Laura, and many others 5 star reviews we've received, show to me that we are becoming the best hat for women. I designed Ponyback, because I felt like the one size fits most hats were built for men, I felt like they didn't accommodate my needs. I've realized over the the past several years that heads are all different shapes and sizes, but many women have different head shape and circumference then men. As a result of this, I believe that many of us frustrated with hats that cover our ears, or make them stick out, or feel to big or bulky feel this way, because hats were designed around our needs. We relegated to the fact that we 'weren't hat people'; but what I've come to understand is that we just didn't have the right hat - designed for our needs. 

My mission is to truly become the best hat for women, by doing the following things: 

1) Offering inclusive sizing. It is incredible to me, how our heads are so unique - and how we've all be trying to cram into the same one size fits most model for so long. This is why we've developed 7 different sizes from youth s/m (50 cm) to XL/XXL (62 cm). We are the only hat company to offer this range of sizing. So if you've ever felt like "hats don't fit me" or "my head is too big to wear a ball cap" or "my head is too small to wear a ball cap" - I want to change that. 

2) Attention to detail. We are obsessed with the details, and one particular detail that often puts women off of hat wearing is 'ear tucking' or 'ears sticking out'. Many of us have a love hat relationship with our ears - isn't it true? Some of us cover them up with our hair, but then if we are wearing a hat that pushes them out, we feel exposed - I can totally relate. That's why our 'standard size' hat fits more shallow then a traditional one size fits most. Many women are also happy to report that our hats don't push our their ears, but also that they can wear sun glasses with our hats! 

3) Options for your life style! Our lives are filled with different hobbies, interests and styles. We have different outfits for different interests and moods - and your hat shouldn't be an exception to that. That's why we are building different hat fits that you can wear in each of those different arena's that you belong. For example our Sporty Fit hat is great for gym wear and sweat - as it is easy to clean and durable. The color options of our Everyday Fit, are meant to match your casual style for errands and hanging out. For that adventurer who is hiking and spending lots of time outside our Adventure fit hat holds up extremely well to sun exposure and dirt and grime. Have different hat fits, meant to meet you in all of your life 'styles' is another way we believe we are becoming the best hat for women!

4) Accommodating your hair styles! Most importantly our patented magnetic technology ensures your hairstyle doesn't need to be moved or adjusted. Our large back opening accommodates all different hair types, and all hair styles. You shouldn't have to adjust to fit your hat - your hat should be there for you. 

5) Designed by a woman for women. The idea for Ponyback was born out of my frustration for hats made for men. I felt and experienced the frustration's first hand and decided to do something about it. It is a crazy story how it all came to be, check out 'our story' to learn more about the inspiration for it all!

If you have any ideas on how we can truly become the best hat for women, please feel free to send our customer support team an email at help@ponybackhats.com our product development and innovations come from your suggestions - if you have ideas to help us become the best - we would LOVE to hear from you! 

Thank you, friend!


Stacey Keller (Founder of Ponyback)

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