Our Story

At the hat of the matter

We're really into hats that fit you and your hair!

The hole above the adjustable strap isn't for your hair; it's there to facilitate the creation of OSFM hats. Our patented magnetic seam has been designed to accommodate both thick and thin hair! The magnetic seam can easily adapt to high and low hairstyles, eliminating the need for fussing or constant adjustments. Gone are the days of buttons, snaps, and velcro! Enjoy a well-made hat available in seven sizes to fit you perfectly!

It's in the details

Our Quality

Our hats are crafted by the global leader in hat manufacturing. This carries with it the assurance of unparalleled quality. These industry leaders have honed their expertise over years of innovation and precision, setting the gold standard for hat production. They proudly hold WRAP certification, a global symbol of ethical and responsible production, reflecting their dedication to quality, fair labor, safety, and sustainability.

From our Founder

I'm hat obsessed!

There's something about a quality fitted hat – it sits just right, tailored to your specific dimensions, and, best of all, it looks great! My passion for fitted hats, coupled with my long hair, inspired me to embark on a journey to create my dream hat. To say I'm obsessed with hats would be an understatement. My mission is simple: I want every woman to feel that she has a hat she adores. We're on a mission to offer high-quality, well-fitting, inclusively sized hats for people with long hair everywhere!

It started with Stacey's crazy idea

From then to now...

The frustration

I have 3 boys and when they were small we would spend hours outdoors during the summer at the splash pad and soccer. I was strict about my boys wearing hats. One day, my oldest asked why I wasn't wearing one. This made me search for the perfect fitted hat like the ones I got for my boys. I loved the quality and style of those hats. However, I realized that a fitted hat didn't work for my long hair on hot summer days. That's when I wondered, what if a fitted hat had a closeable opening?"