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Our Story

Hi friends! 

I'm Stacey Keller, the founder of Ponyback Inc. As an active mom of three boys, I was struggling to find a baseball hat that I loved.

One July morning two years ago, we were shopping for hats, and I felt the desire to have a great hat like my boys for the summer season. I loved the idea of a full back or stretch fit hat, but it didn't seem feasible or realistic to have, when I could only wear it with a down hair style.

I left that day, with no hat. I started to see ponytail hat ads on my social media feeds, and I thought that was an interesting concept, however, if I had a traditional ponytail hat, I would be less likely to wear it with my hair down (because of the permanent opening in the back of the hat).

After spending a few weeks on vacation with my traditional baseball cap and my constant frustration with the lack of flexibility with my ponytail height. I decided that maybe I could solve my own problem!

I took out my sewing machine, ripped apart a very nice stretch fit hat and with some luck, I came up with my first prototype; a hat with a closeable opening at the back.

Needless to say, I thought the idea was really great, and solved the problem that I saw with the current ponytail hat offerings on the market. 

I am very committed to bring a quality, fashionable and functional hat to the market, that will forever transform how women and girls feel about wearing baseball hats. Thanks so much for taking an interest in this product, I hope that you fall in love with it, as much as I have!

If you have ideas on how to make this product even better, I would love to hear them! Please email me at hello@ponybackhats.com, thanks friends!!!