Head sizes are very unique! Just like you! It is important to measure your noggin' to find your perfect Ponyback hat size!


  • Use a flexible measuring tape
  • Wrap around the crown of your head tightly
  • If you are in between sizes (ie. 57.75 cm choose the smaller size) 

 ***Please note our size chart is a guide only. This chart does not accommodate for personal preference, hair thickness or head shape - which could also be factors in determining your size. Please note that due to the stretch fit design hat sizes can vary by .8 of a cm product to product. If you are in need of an exchange, please following the instructions here.

Youth S/M 49.8 - 51.75 19.6 - 20.37

Approx. Age 5+

*Available in select styles

Youth M/L 51.5 - 53.75 20.27 - 21.16

Approx. Age 7+

*Available in select styles

XS/S 53.5 - 55.75

21.06 - 21.94

30% of customers are this size 
S/M 55.5 - 57.75 21.85 - 22.73 50% of customers are this size
M/L 57.5 - 59.75 22.63 - 23.52 20% of customers are this size
L/XL 59.5 - 61.75 23.42 - 24.31 *Available in Everyday Fit Black and Blue
XL/XXL 61.5 - 63.75 24.21 - 25.09 *Available in Everyday Fit Black and Blue
Note: Ponyback Stretch Fit ponytail hats can stretch to fit +2 cm or .78 inches in size.

Gifting Tips: 

  • Find one of their old hats & measure the inside using a flexible measuring tape!
  • Have they ever complained that they usually need a youth-size hat? Then we'd recommend the XS/S. 
  • Have they ever complained about women's hats being too small? Then we'd recommend the M/L. 
  • Not sure. 50% of people are size S/M

How to get an accurate measurement:


Finding your perfect Ponyback fit:

Still have a question about fit? 

Just email us at help@ponybackhats.com and we'd be happy to talk you through it!