6 Reasons Why You Should Be A Hat Person!

6 Reasons Why You Should Be A Hat Person!

Up until a little while ago, I was never really a hat person. I always thought that hats never fit me correctly and I previously had cheap, uncomfortable hats. I also strongly dislike wearing my hair down, so honestly, the whole non-fitting-uncomfortable-hat-hair-down situation was never quite appealing to me.  

But that all changed when I discovered Ponyback hats, I was blown away that this one hat could solve all my issues and hesitations that I had in the past! And ohhh I was right!! I am absolutely obsessed with my Ponyback hat and have 100% turned into a hat lover. 

I now believe that everyone is a hat person deep down, they just have to find the right fit, and yes, that's you too!!

So after falling in love with my hat, and first-handly seeing all the usefulness that it provides, here are my top 6 reasons why you should become a hat person too! 

1. To start us off, hats are so versatile!! Who knew that you can wear your hat with sooo many different hairstyles, I’ve been rocking a messy bun, a high pony and even a low braid on the daily! 

2. You know when you leave the house or a store after being inside for a while and instantly get struck with the blazing hot sun, well a hat solves that problem! By reflecting the sun out of your face you won’t be blindsided by the light! 

3. Messy hair day? No one knows! We all have that period of time right before hair wash day where your hair is just... not having it… Well just throw a hat on and no one will ever be able to tell!

4. Hats can be worn in any style! That’s the best part about hats, that you can either dress them up, keep things casual or even sporty and more! It’ll fit in perfectly and you won’t have to keep purchasing different accessories. 

5. Once you find a hat that fits so perfectly, like Ponybacks and the diverse range of sizes and colours, you honestly will never go back! Now once I leave the house my checklist includes my keys, purse, wallet and of course my hat! Who thought! 

6. Last but certainly not least, is that you can wear your hat all year round! In the summer months it keeps the sun out of your face, in fall it’ll keep you warm, in winter it protects you from the snow and in the spring it protects you from the rain! I’d say that’s a lot of use!!


Now I’m sure that after reading these six reasons you too have fallen in love with hats! Ponyback hats specifically offer all these benefits and more, from the design to the wear itself Ponyback hats will make the perfect addition to your closet this year!

Thanks for reading! Check out Ponyback Hats on social media for more reasons why you too should be a hat lover and for more inspiration.


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