Having Fun With 8 Different Hairstyles In A Ponyback Hat

Having Fun With 8 Different Hairstyles In A Ponyback Hat

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If you haven’t tried the sensational women’s hat known as the Ponyback yet, you’re missing out! This awesome hat comes in four different colours (black, primrose, grey and white) and comes in three women’s sizes and two youth sizes. It looks just like a regular closed-back hat, but it has a secret: the back seam is held together magnetically and can open to fit nearly any hairstyle! Don’t believe us? Here are just a few hairstyles that can be achieved with the Ponyback.


High Ponytail

Woman wearing black high ponytail ponyback hat smiling at camera with grey background indoors

The high ponytail is a look that could never be achieved with a regular baseball cap, but with our ponytail hat, it’s easy! Simply style your hair in a high ponytail (leaving some fringe by the ears if you want) and then pull it through your Ponyback and you have a cute, functional look that keeps the sun out of your face while highlighting your hairstyle!

Hair Down

Woman wearing black ponyback hat with hair down and grey shirt tipping hat down and looking away with grey background indoors

Of course, we didn’t want to give you a ponytail hat that would look weird when your hair is down - we want you to have an all-in-one hat! For that reason, the magnetic closure on the open back stays closed if you ever want to have your hair down instead.


Woman wearing black ponyback ponytail hat smiling at camera with hair in a messy bun hairstyle

The Ponyback is perfect for elegant topknots. If you want to spice up your top knot, feel free to add crystal hair spinners or other hair accessories, or just let your hair be the star of the show. Either way, top off the style with a Ponyback and voila - elegance and functionality!

Messy Bun

Girl with white ponyback ponytail hat on with hair in messy bun hat has p logo on the side

Did the idea of an elegant top knot make you cringe a little? Maybe you’d prefer a more laid-back version. If you’re more of a messy bun kind of gal, this hat will look great with those styles, too! Simply style a loose, messy bun, and bring your hair through the back of the hat, securing the magnets as you go.

Braided Hair

Woman with black ponyback ponytail hat on with head tilted down outside in park with braided hair

You can rock a low braid or a high ponytail that’s braided with this look. Do the standard three strands or go wild with four-strand braids if you feel like it! The opportunities are endless: fishtail, inverted, and twists - oh my! Whatever you choose, the Ponyback has got your back.

Low Ponytail

Girl with black ponyback ponytail baseball hat on with back turned to camera looking up to the left

Whether you want your ponytail so low that it’s practically on your shoulders, or you just want a ponytail that would fit through the back of this versatile hat, the Ponyback will make it look good.


White ponyback ponytail hat with p logo on side with pink scrunchies beside it on a white sheet

If you’ve been to our Instagram page, you probably know we love two things: TikTok and scrunchies! We think scrunchies are a great way to add a pop of colour, especially to ponytails and buns! If you agree, why not try out some scrunchie styles on your very own Ponyback?


Woman with white ponyback baseball hat on backwards smiling away from camera

A backward hat can add a very cool vibe, and the Ponyback looks just as amazing backward as a closed-back hat does! The strong magnetic closures will stay closed until you open them, so you don’t need to worry about it popping open when you’re rocking the backward hat look!

There you have it: eight simple hairstyles you can achieve with a Ponyback! This versatile hat is a game-changer for women everywhere who want sun protection without sacrificing their hairstyle. Want to try these styles for yourself? Check out our store! Don’t forget, we also sell girls’ sizes. Not sure what size to order for family or friends? We also offer gift cards!

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