How to Boost Workout Motivation - Cute Fits & Sporty Hats!

How to Boost Workout Motivation - Cute Fits & Sporty Hats!

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Did you know that wearing a cute outfit that you feel confident in to the gym can actually improve your performance? Let us explain!

Increased confidence

Grey Ponyback Sporty Fit Hat magnetic opening

When you wear something that makes you feel good, it's inevitable that you’re going to feel a boost in self-esteem. Having high confidence and self esteem will make you feel like you can take on the world (because you can!). This feeling is sure to give you motivation to workout because when your self esteem is high, you’re more likely to try new things and put yourself out there. It’s also important to feel comfortable at the gym - if you’re constantly worrying about the way you look, you won’t be as focused on getting a good sweat in. 

Don’t know what to wear? We’ve got you covered!

Try out a pair of colorful and comfortable leggings, and pair it with a plain black workout top and a white workout hat (specifically from Ponyback hats!). To add even more fun to the look, use the magnetic opening on the Ponyback hat to your advantage and test out a fun new hairstyle like a bubble braid or fishtail braid.

Puts you in a better mood

White Ponyback Sporty Fit Ponytail Hat on confident woman smiling

    Did you know that picking out and planning a cute outfit is actually a form of self care? That’s right! Taking the time to select an outfit that makes you feel good can leave you feeling accomplished and motivated. Working out becomes a lot easier when you’re self motivated and actually want to be at the gym. This is because positive emotions activate the reward centers in the brain, which makes you have increased feelings of motivation. Being in a good mood can also cause you to view physical activity in a more positive light due to an increased sense of gratitude. When you’re in a happy mood, you’re more likely to see exercise as a fun activity rather than a difficult chore. We know that it’s impossible to stay happy and motivated all the time, but taking the time to pick out a gym outfit that makes you feel good is a step in the right direction. 

    Increased accountability

    Grey Ponyback Sporty Fit Hat with a magnetic opening

      Spending money on new gym clothes and equipment has been proven to increase motivation to workout through an increased sense of accountability. Nobody wants to spend money on things and then not use them. That’s why purchasing new gym clothes helps to keep you feeling motivated to move your body. Buying a new piece of workout equipment, whether it be a new pair of leggings or a cute Ponyback sporty hat, can build lots of anticipation for your next workout. You’ll be excited to use your new product and try it out at the gym! Purchasing new gym clothes can also demonstrate progress and commitment which also improves motivation. By purchasing new equipment, you will feel more invested in your health and wellness journey. 

      Positive Association

      Woman wearing a Grey Ponyback Sporty Fit hat with a high ponytail smiling at the gym

        If you wear something that you like while doing physical activity, you will feel happy and confident, and your brain will remember those feelings and associate them with the activity you were doing at the time. If you associate feeling happy with a certain activity, it will be much more likely for you to want to participate in that activity again. Positive association can be extremely helpful when trying to form a healthy habit. 

        Ponyback hats are the perfect accessory to elevate any workout outfit. They're the best women’s ponytail hat option because they’re super comfortable, fun to try new hairstyles with, and can also hide your unwashed hair during workouts (who wants to wash their hair and THEN go to the gym??). For exercise, the Sporty Fit and Adventure Fit are the two best options as they are moisture wicking, and made of polyester, which is a great material for athletic activities. Check out our collections page to find more details on all of our hat fits.

        Give wearing a cute outfit paired with a Ponyback hat a try for your next workout and see all of the positive effects for yourself!

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