Should You Wear a Ball Cap or a Visor?

Should You Wear a Ball Cap or a Visor?

We often get asked the question “why not just wear a visor”? We’re here to give that answer! We believe that a baseball cap is the perfect hat for all outdoor and indoor activities. Our Ponyback ball caps are suitable for all hair styles since they include a magnetic seam in the back to allow for high ponytails, are super comfortable, and stylish. Here are 5 more reasons to wear a cap over a visor:


1. Scalp protection

Woman wearing a coral Ponyback Ponytail Hat on the beach

The biggest difference between a baseball cap and a visor is the open top. One of the many reasons we believe baseball caps are a better option than visors is due to sun protection and the lack of coverage that a visor would give you. People often forget to apply sunscreen to their scalp, leaving it very vulnerable to harmful UV rays - I think we can all agree that scalp burn is the WORST. At Ponyback, we believe in the importance of sun protection, especially when it comes to the top of your head. A burnt scalp can lead to hair becoming frizzy and brittle, and the top of your head getting flakey. Spoiler alert: none of those things are fun! When it comes to sun protection, baseball caps will always be the reigning champion. 


2. Velcro and hair don’t mix!

Sky Blue Ponyback Ponytail Hat with magnetic seam open for hair

Another main issue with visors (as well as most baseball caps except ours) is the use of velcro! We believe that any type of velcro material should never be in the proximity of hair. This is because hair can become tangled in velcro extremely easily. Velcro is made of two strips of material with very small hooks and loops which makes them stick together. When hair comes into contact with the velcro material it gets caught, causing knots and eventually hair breakage. Trying to remove the velcro from your hair can also be extremely painful. When dealing with velcro, it’s best to always keep it far away from your hair. That’s why a Ponyback with a magnetic seam to fit your hairstyle is the best option. 


3. Versatility

Woman wearing a violet purple Ponyback ponytail hat with a bun hairstyle

Another advantage of wearing a baseball hat rather than a visor is its versatility. A cap can be worn in any situation or setting including exercise, running errands, grabbing lunch, and much more. Unlike visors, ball caps aren’t limited to sports settings, so it’s a great option for everyone. Baseball caps are also easy to match with any outfit, whether you’re going for a sporty, business casual, or more put together look. Our magnetic seam allows you to wear any hairstyle so you can rock a fullback, high ponytail, low ponytail, messy bun, and more! These hats are truly a timeless accessory that will never be beat!


4. Sweat management

Woman wearing a grey Ponyback ponytail hat with a high ponytail

Most people who go for a visor rather than a baseball cap are convinced that visors are superior because they provide more of a cooling effect due to the open top. However, that’s not always true! Ponyback’s Adventure Fit and Sporty Fit baseball caps are made with a moisture-wicking recycled-polyester material. This means that when you sweat while wearing a Ponyback, the sweat is absorbed and evaporated to create a cooling effect. Also, baseball caps have the ability to trap sweat before it reaches your forehead, unlike a visor. 


5. Can hide your bad hair day

Woman wearing violet purple Ponyback ponytail hat with a high ponytail on the beach

One of the best features of a baseball hat is its ability to easily hide a bad hair day! You can go about your day without doing your hair and nobody will bat an eye. Why would you want to go through all the hassle of having perfect hair to go out in a visor? That's a puzzle we will never solve. Baseball caps are the perfect choice if you’re in a rush and need something to pull your outfit together while also keeping a fresh look (even if your hair isn't fresh itself).

There are many reasons why a ball cap is a great hat accessory choice. We hope that by reading this article we’ve answered the question of visor versus baseball cap for you! If you want to learn more about our different Ponyback hat styles, check out this blog post.

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