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Sports to Try in Spring 2023 - For My Sporty Hats Girls

Playing sports is a super fun way to stay active and maintain a healthy lifestyle. That’s why we’ve written a great list of fun sports you can test out this spring. And if you want to stay cool and protected from the sun while you’re out being active, be sure to check out the best ponytail baseball cap in Canada - the Ponyback Hat. At Ponyback, we have designed the perfect sporty hat for all activities and lifestyle needs to help you reach your full sporty girl potential! Now let’s dive into some fun springtime sports for 2023!

1. Beach volleyball

Woman with Coral Adventure Fit Ponyback ponytail hat

This spring, grab a friend and hit the beach or a nearby park that offers beach volleyball courts and play a game of beach volleyball! Spring is the perfect time to dive into this sport since it's not too hot, but you won’t have to bundle up. Running around in the sand will help you break a sweat. This sport is also a sure way to improve your quick thinking skills, as well as your balance and agility skills. It's overall an ideal way to spend a day with friends or family. However, don’t forget your Ponyback when you go to hit the courts! It's really easy to forget about protecting yourself from the sun when you’re playing a sport, but sun protection is extremely important. Ponyback is the best hat option to protect your face, hair, and scalp from the sun when playing beach volleyball because it can help protect you from UV rays while also allowing you to wear your favorite workout hairstyle. The Ponyback Sporty Fit is the perfect baseball cap for beach volleyball, it's easy to clean after getting sweaty, it’s moisture-wicking, and is compactable so it can fit right into your bag.

2. Golf

Woman wearing a White Ponyback Adventure Fit ponytail hat golfing

It's golf season! Golf is another great sport that can be played while enjoying the protection and style of a Ponyback hat. Most people don’t realize this but golf is a great form of exercise because it involves lots of walking, so it’s the perfect choice if you’re looking for a low-intensity workout. Golf is also one of the best sports for networking if you’re in the workforce because it allows you to make connections and get to know people in different careers which can be very beneficial. A game of golf is also a fabulous way to discuss business matters and host meetings since it provides a more relaxed atmosphere. Ponyback is the best hat option for women in golf because the magnetic opening in the back of the hat seals perfectly around your cute high pony - or whatever hairstyle you choose - so that you can stay cool even in hot weather (want to know more about why Ponyback is the perfect golf hat? Check out our blog post “Perfect hat for the golf course!”). They come in a variety of colours so that you can match your baseball cap to your cute golfing attire. If you’re looking to get into golf this spring, opt for the Adventure Fit Ponyback baseball hat, as it’s very durable and can withstand strong UV rays and lots of outdoor time. It also has a very sleek and structured look which is perfect for the course. 

3. Tennis

Woman adjusts her hair with a Grey Sporty Fit Ponyback ponytail hat

Tennis is one of the fastest-growing sports across North America, and it’s not surprising why! Tennis is an enjoyable and great way to get some steps in and spend time with friends or family. It’s also a super fun way to break a sweat, as it requires you to cover an entire court. It's considered to be a lifetime sport and can be played by all ages, learn a new skill that can be used throughout your life by picking up a racket! Tennis attire is super trendy right now, and what’s better than a stylish tennis outfit with a matching Ponyback baseball cap? Ponyback hats are great for a game of tennis because they can accommodate all hairstyles comfortably and they come in a lot of fun colors. When thinking about women’s tennis hats, most people’s minds go straight to visors. However, at Ponyback, we believe that there is a much better (and more protective) option, because there’s nothing worse than scalp burn!! Be kind to your scalp and hair this spring by using a Ponyback for your game of tennis. An Adventure Fit or Sporty Fit baseball cap would be ideal for a game of tennis since they are both moisture-wicking and help protect against UV rays. 

4. Pickleball

Woman wearing a white Ponyback Sporty Fit ponytail hat while playing pickleball

Have you ever heard of Pickleball? It’s a mix of tennis, ping-pong, and badminton! It’s so easy to learn and doesn’t have too many complicated rules. Pickleball is a great sport for spring that can be played indoors or outdoors, so you can enjoy it no matter the weather (it’s perfect for those rainy spring days in Canada!). Pickleball is a great aerobic workout that doesn’t put too much stress on your joints. It has great benefits for hand-eye coordination, and it’s overall a really fun sport with a great community and can be played at all ages, so it’s perfect for the family. The Ponyback Adventure Fit baseball cap is a great way to elevate your pickleball style. It has a structured and sleek look and it’s moisture wicking which means sweat is evaporated to produce a cooling effect. Ponyback should be your go-to hat for Pickleball matches because you don’t need to worry about adjusting your hairstyle to fit in a regular baseball cap, they’re perfect for bad hair days, and they work with all hairstyles. 

Playing sports provides much more than just physical benefits, it can also greatly improve your mental health. Sports stimulate the production of endorphins which are natural mood lifters. Being active is a great way to let off some steam and release built-up competitive energy and stress. You can also meet new friends through sports, which is always a bonus. Getting to the gym every day or going for a daily run can be really difficult and draining. This spring, try to bring the fun back to exercise by testing out one of these sports!

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