Ponyback Yoga Plan!

Ponyback Yoga Plan!

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Girl in yoga pose in a grassy field, wearing a white ponyback ponytail hat


Hey friends! With the weather warming up and the winter blues fading away I thought it would be important to share my favourite form of self-care, YOGA! Yoga is great for the mind, body and overall wellness, yoga can help you live your most authentic life and is unique just like you! These poses are quick, easy and can be done anytime during the day with no equipment, combine them with some personal affirmations to be the most powerful version of yourself!

 Each pose should be done for 1-3 minutes, but you know your body best, you can go longer or shorter depending on how it feels!

 (Also peep the Ponybacks on these girls, looking AMAZING!)

 Let’s get started, you got this!

 1) Knees to Chest

This pose is super easy! Lie on your back and gently lift your knee up to your chest - pull it as close as you can get comfortably. This post can help with back pain and helps calms the nerves!

Women in knee to chest yoga pose, wearing a womens black Ponyback Ponytail hat

2) Downward Dog

Place your hands shoulder-width apart, then lift your knees and extend your legs as much as you feel comfortable. Hold the position and take deep breaths, this pose helps improve circulation, stretches the lower body and improves posture.

Women in downward dog yoga pose, wearing a black womens Ponyback ponytail hat

 3) Triangle

This pose is perfect for feeling powerful! Place your hand high on your leg and reach up high to the sky, you should feel it in your back and chest. This pose is great for stretching and strengthening muscles and even helps with organ function!

Women in triangle yoga pose, wearing a womens black Ponyback ponytail hat with her hair in a bun

 4) Half Lord of the Fishes

This pose is a personal favourite, it stretches your muscles in the best way possible! This pose helps with flexibility, helps digestion and opens up your shoulder muscles.


Women in half lord of the flies yoga pose, wearing a womens white Ponyback ponytail hat

5) Three-legged dog


Place your hands flat on the floor and reach your leg as far up as you can! Try to do both legs, or the one you feel most confident using, this pose helps with headaches, energizing the nervous system and fights fatigue.

Women in three legged dog yoga pose, wearing a women's Ponyback ponytail hat with a high pony

 6) Warrior II

With your arms and legs far apart, lean to one side and feel the stretch! This pose can increase stamina, relieve backaches and stretches the muscles.

Women in warrier two yoga pose, wearing a womens white Ponyback ponytail hat with a high ponytail

 7) Goddess

You are a goddess!! This pose is perfect for the strong community of Ponyback followers. This pose strengthens almost every muscle in your body, it helps energize the whole body and improves focus!

Women in goddess yoga pose, wearing a women's white Ponyback ponytail hat with a high bun

 8) Seated Mountain Pose


Last but certainly not least, this pose is a nice cool-down. Sit cross-legged with your hands up as high as possible, give yourself a high five and hold it. This helps with body awareness, alignment and strengthens your legs.

Women in seated mountain pose, wearing a black Ponyback ponytail hat with a high pony


Ta-da that’s all for now! 


That’s it for this round of Ponyback yoga! Thanks for joining along, feel free to share your thoughts on social media and let us know if you enjoyed this quick yoga post. Check out our Pinterest page for more fun exercises, motivation and style guides!


With love,




Ponyback Inc is not responsible for any injuries that may arise during exercise. Please stop pose if feeling any pain, lightheadedness or intense strain.


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