A little about ME

A little about ME

Women sitting on the curb holding a coffee cup wearing a black ponytail hat with her pony through the magnetic back opening, wearing a black faux leather jacket smiling, the P of the Ponyback logo showing on the left side

Hey Guys! 

I'm Stacey, I was once affectionately referred to as the Ponyback Queen... Lol!! If you've already been to our about-us page, then you have a rough idea of who I am... But I wanted to go a little deeper to explain to you, who I used to be. 

Here are some historical facts: 

1) I was SHY. At the end of grade 9, I asked a boy in my class if he'd go to a dance with me. Of course, I asked through a friend! Lol... And his response was, "Who's Stacey?"

2) I was VERY SHY. When I decided to become a high school business teacher after university, my family was VERY concerned. They thought my shy demeanor would be eaten alive by high school students. I ended up having my first teaching gig at my very own high school. Many of my teacher's still worked there. One of my former teacher's was absolutely shocked that I decided to become a teacher, she wasn't even sure if I could talk, because I never did in her class! 

3) I was nervous. I used to be SO nervous about anything and everything that my hands would literally sweat non-stop. I would leave sweaty fingerprints everywhere I went, which would only make me more nervous!

Why do I tell you this? 

Because, I am no longer shy, insecure and nervous - in that way I used to be. I am proud of the leaps and bounds and growth that I have fostered since then. And... I tell you this because I am so far beyond what I originally thought possible for myself. I tell you this, because I know that you can too. 

Fact. You are awesome. 

Fact. We all are awesome. 

What you will see here...

As a result of my belief that you are awesome sauce, that you have a unique special something that no one else on the planet has - I want to be that person you convinces you of that. I want to be your biggest cheerleader. Hence, the combination of motivation, empowering quotes and cheerleading you'll see here!!! 

Heart emoji and the nickname handwritten stace (the CEO of Ponyback ponytail hats)



 A little about Ponyback:

Introducing the women's baseball hat to fit any pony! The perfect hat to fit your style and your hair! Uniquely made for you. Ponyback has a unique magnetic that closes to allow you to wear your hair up or down and look super cute! The ponytail hat that fits any style and type of hair, from the top button to the bottom of the band. Join the hat revolution!

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