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Ponyback Youth Everyday Fit Primrose

Ponyback Youth Everyday Fit Primrose

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Find your fit:

  • Use a flexible measuring tape
  • Wrap around the crown of her head tightly




Youth S/M 49.8 - 51.75 Approx. Age 5+ (*limited colours available)
Youth M/L 51.5 - 53.75 Approx. Age 7+ (*limited colours available)
XS/S 53.5 - 55.75 30% of customers are this size 
S/M 55.5 - 57.75 50% of customers are this size
M/L 57.5 - 59.75 20% of customers are this size
LG/XLG 59.75 - 61.75 *new size (available in black and blue everyday fit)
XLG/XXLG 61.75-63.75 *new size (available in black and blue everyday fit)
Note: Ponyback Stretch Fit hats can stretch to fit +2 cm or .78 inches in size.

Gifting Tips: 

  • Find one of their old hats & measure the inside using a flexible measuring tape!



    • Patent-pending magnetic back opening provides flexibility for your hairstyle
    • Comfortable stretch fit design
    • Structured front 
    • Strong (neodymium) magnets used to securely close the opening when not in use. 


    The Ponyback stretch fit combines the quality of a high-end fitted hat, with the functionality of a ponytail hat. The large back opening will allow you to rock your style any height from the top button to the bottom of the band.

    Rocking a down style? Perfect. When the back opening is not in use, the discrete magnetic seam makes sure the back stays closed to look like a normal fitted hat.   

    Product Specifics:

    • Material 97% Cotton, 3% Spandex 
    • Imported
    • WRAP certified manufacturer
    • Contains strong (neodymium) magnets, see product safety page for more details. 

    How does the Ponyback ponytail hat work?



    🖤 Need some additional help with your size? Check out our sizing guidelines here.

    Email our customer support ~ we are happy to assist!


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    Refunds and Exchanges

    We offer returns and exchanges for up to 30 days for our friends in Canada and the U.S. Please review our return/exchange policy for details on return shipping costs and notes for our International friends! 

    Care Instructions

    🧢 Everyday Fit - Recommended to wipe with a damp Cloth

    🎾Sporty Fit - Gently hand wash in cold water

    🏕️Adventure Fit - Gently hand wash in cold water

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