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Elevating Your Slicked Back Style Using Hats For Buns

Today on social media, slicked back hairstyles are taking over. Although these styles aren't anything we haven't already seen before, slicked back hairstyles are always a great way to spice up a look and they can also really strengthen and protect your hair if you use the right products. For any slicked back hairstyle, you can always sub in a leave-in conditioner or protective styling cream instead of a harsh gel or hairspray. Another great way to protect your hair while achieving this stylish and clean look is by pairing it with a baseball cap! 

Did you know that your hair can experience sun damage? That’s right! Ultra violet rays from the sun can damage hair follicles causing increased dryness, color changes, premature graying and increased split ends. To put it shortly, if you want to maximize your hair’s health, you should be protecting it from the sun. A baseball cap is always the best way to protect your hair and scalp from the sun, considering sunscreens meant for hair can be extremely pricey and they also leave your hair feeling super greasy and sticky. 

Ponyback’s hats for buns, or any updo hairstyle, have an opening located on the back of the hat that includes a seamless magnetic technology. This technology allows you to wear any hairstyle comfortably while also wearing a hat. Just simply put your hair through the opening and use the magnets located inside the seams on the back opening to seal the hat to your hairstyle. Other hats marketed as messy bun hats or hats for buns will simply not fit the same way as a Ponyback or have the same crisp look. 

We’ve come up with three different slicked back bun hairstyles for you to try this summer that will keep you looking stylish and feeling comfortable all at the same time. All of the Ponyback baseball caps pair great with a slicked back style, but if you need help choosing which fit is best for your lifestyle, check out our How to Buy Hats Online blog post!

Slicked back braided bun

A slicked back braided bun is a great hairstyle if you want to wear your hair up and away from your face, while simultaneously wearing a hairstyle that's a bit more fun than a typical low bun. For this hairstyle you will need a few supplies including a hair brush, bobby pins, hair bands, an unused toothbrush, and a hair gel or styling cream.


  1. Brush your hair thoroughly 
  2. Run your gel or styling cream through your roots using your fingers (you don't want any products on the mid section or ends of your hair!). During this step, you can also apply some of your gel or styling cream to your baby hairs, and use the toothbrush to slick them back as well.
  3. Create a part in your hair using a hairbrush, comb, or just use your fingers
  4. Place your gel or styling cream onto the parted area of your hair
  5.  Use your hands or hairbrush to smooth your hair down as flat as possible.
  6. Use one hairband to create a low ponytail, and braid your ponytail all the way down to the end. Once finished braiding, secure your braid with another hair band at the end of your hair.
  7. Wrap the braid into a bun and secure with another hair band
  8. Use bobby pins where needed to secure the bun in place
  9. Put your Ponyback hat on and secure the magnetic seal to perfectly fit your new braided bun

Slick bun with baby braids

Baby braids are another super adorable way to spice up the traditional sleek bun, and they’re super in for this summer season! They’re a retro-inspired hair trend and they’re also extremely easy to master. Baby braids can be easily added to any hairstyle, so why not merge two hairstyle trends together to create the slick back bun paired with baby braids? This hairstyle is also perfect for music festival season because it's super cute and different, and can also be comfortably paired with a ponyback hat so that you can protect your hair and scalp from the sun! 


  1. Part your hair down the middle and take a small section of hair from either side of the front portion of your hairline. Use a clip to keep these sections of hair separate from the rest of your hair
  2. Apply gel or styling cream to the roots of your hair and on the parted area.
  3. Use a hairbrush to help you create a ponytail, and slick back the hair as well
  4. Secure a ponytail with a hairband
  5. Use a second hairband to create a bun with the ponytail section of your hair
  6. Now, return to the two small portions of hair you sectioned off earlier and create a braid using each section.
  7. Secure your new baby braids using small summer bands.
  8. Use your favorite hat for buns (Ponyback or course) to complete the look! 

Here at Ponyback, we are team throwback hairstyles, so we definitely think you should give this style a try! 

Sleek low bun without bobby pins

We understand here at Ponyback that sometimes a slick back style requires lots of supplies and time. However, we’ve created the perfect tutorial to achieve the slicked back bun look that can be done in a rush and without many supplies. This style is easy to achieve with medium or long length hair. We also highly recommend spicing up the hairstyle by wearing a Ponyback hat for buns. 


  1. Part your hair down the center of your scalp (or wherever you prefer)
  2. Run gel or a styling cream through your roots using your fingers
  3. Brush the gel or sterling cream through the top portion of your hair
  4. Use a brush to bring your hair into a slick ponytail.
  5. Secure the ponytail with a hair band
  6. Use more gel or styling cream where necessary to assure all of the hair is slicked back
  7. Spray your ponytail with some water and section it into two sections. Then twist the two separate sections.
  8. Coil the twists of hair around your hairband and secure the entire bun with another hand band when it's the shape you want to achieve. 

And there you have it! An easy slick low bun without bobby pins or any extra supplies. Another tip to wear this style if you don't want to be applying harsh chemicals to your hair, is to get your hair wet before creating the hairstyle, and using a deep conditioner or hair oil instead of a gel. Basically, you can nourish your hair while also wearing a super trendy style! Finally, if you really want to elevate and protect your hair while wearing a low bun, pair it with a Ponyback baseball cap! Ponyback hats come in a variety of colors, fits, and sizes to perfectly match your needs and personality. All Ponyback baseball caps also work great with a slicked back bun or ponytail hairstyle. 

We hope that you test out these three slick back styles this summer season, and elevate them using a Ponyback hat! Once again, hats are a great way to show off your personal style while also staying protected from the sun. And don’t forget, wearing a slicked back hairstyle and pairing it with a hat is a great way to get yourself through the week to hair wash day (since washing your hair every night is super damaging)! 

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