Ponyback Olive Color Winter Beanie for Ponytails

Winter Activities to Try in Your Beanie for Ponytails

Here at Ponyback we love getting active outside! That includes sports during all four seasons. There’s nothing like getting some fresh air and physical activity. During the winter time it’s super easy to simply hide under the covers all day and not participate in any outdoor activities. However, this winter season we want to challenge you to get outside and try some fun winter activities! We’ve come up with 4 different activities you can try out this winter wearing your Ponyback beanie hat for ponytails! The Ponyback beanie is the perfect winter hat for women and people with long hair. Instead of having to sacrifice your high pony, bun,etc in order to wear a beanie, you can now pair the two together! The Ponyback beanie has the same magnetic opening as the baseball caps. This means that updo hairstyles can fit comfortably in the hat! Now, here are our 4 favorite winter activities you can participate in while wearing a Ponyback beanie!


Skiing / Snowboarding

Skiing and snowboarding are two classic winter sports. The two sports are not only fun, but they’re also great cardiovascular and muscle building exercises. If you’re someone who struggles to get their cardio in, these winter sports are perfect for you. They’re so enjoyable that you’ll forget it’s even a workout! If you’re unfamiliar with skiing and snowboarding it's essentially when you use either a pair of skis or a snowboard attached to your feet to descend a snowy slope. Both sports can take some time to learn, however it’s a skill that will stick with you throughout your entire life once you get the hang of it! The best part of skiing and snowboarding is that you can wear a Ponyback beanie while participating in these fun activities! We definitely recommend that you wear a helmet when skiing or snowboarding since these sports can be dangerous, but a Ponyback beanie fits perfectly underneath ski and snowboard helmets! Then, after you’re finished on the slopes, you can easily transition your hair to a high pony or bun with your Ponyback hat. This makes it super simple to hide your sweaty hair after a tiring day on the hill. 



Our next favorite winter activity is curling! Curling is a super social sport and it also doesn’t take much physical strength or endurance to be good at it (although it is still a good workout). It can truly be played by any age and ability and the rules are super easy to learn.  If you like strategy sports this is definitely a good option for you. There’s no dress code when it comes to recreational curling so a Ponyback hat is a great option that will also keep your head warm while on the rink. The game might seem boring if you’ve never played before but we guarantee it’s actually a great time! So why not test out this unique and fun sport this winter?


Snow Golf

Have you ever heard of Snow Golf? If not, you’re in for a real treat! Golfers will be pleased to hear that you’re actually able to play golf year round with this sport. This golf spin off originated in Switzerland in 1904! Snow golf is essentially the same as regular golf except for the fact that the “greens” are called “whites” since they’re covered in snow and ice. The balls used for snow golf are also coloured rather than white so they don’t get lost in the snow. Although the sport isn’t super popular yet, there are many courses that offer snow golf as well as tournaments and championships you can enter! If you have long hair, a Ponyback beanie is the best beanie for ponytails if you want to look cute on the course while also keeping your head warm! Overall, if you like playing golf during the warmer seasons we’re certain you’ll have just as much fun playing it in the winter!


Sledding is another classic winter activity that the whole family can enjoy. It’s a great way to get outside, have some fun and enjoy your local parks and hills. And what’s better than having a warm cup of hot chocolate after a day of sledding? Going sledding is also super cheap! The only expense is the sled since you can use any hill in your neighborhood to sled on for free! A Ponyback beanie is the perfect beanie hat for sledding because you can comfortably wear a hairstyle that will prevent tangling. For example, if you wear a high braided ponytail with your Ponyback beanie, you won’t have to worry about combing out any tangles caused by the sledding when you’re finished! 

This winter, we really want you to have fun and be active even though it’s chilly outside! We hope that you test out one of these unique winter sports this season, and use your Ponyback beanie fit while you participate in them! The beanie fit comes in two sizes S/M and L/XL. The material is super soft and stretchy so there’s truly a great fit option for everyone.

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