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Why Wear a Hat in the Sun - The Importance of Fitted Hats

Here at Ponyback we truly believe in the importance of sun protection. Protecting yourself from the sun reduces your risk of skin cancer, helps prevent sunburns, and reduces premature aging which can present as wrinkles and fine lines. There are so many benefits of protecting yourself from sun damage. Most people understand the importance of applying sunscreen to your face, however the scalp and hair are often neglected. In this article, we’ll explain why you should take your sun protection to the next level with the help of a Ponyback. After all a Ponyback is the best women’s baseball cap option because it comfortably fits all hairstyles due to the magnetic opening in the back of the hat, comes in a variety of sizes to fit every head shape, and comes in lots of cute colors!

Woman smiling on beach with hair in a ponytail wearing a Ponyback Adventure Fit hat

1. Hair protection

We all know that a lack of proper sun protection can cause sunburns on the skin and scalp. However, did you know that your hair needs protection from the sun as well? Wearing a fitted hat when doing anything in direct sunlight can greatly benefit your hair health. UV rays can harm hair follicles causing increased dryness, color changes, premature graying and increased split ends. So how can you avoid these effects and take proper care of your hair? Wear a hat! It seems obvious but it’s truly one of the most effective and easy ways to protect your hair from the sun. A Ponyback is a stylish and comfortable way to keep your hair and scalp out of the sun. Although it’s not a sun hat, a fitted baseball hat is the most versatile and practical way to protect yourself from UV rays. The Ponyback Adventure Fit is the best option if you spend lots of time in the sun. It’s made of a durable recycled polyester material which is resistant to the sun, meaning the color won’t easily fade even after long periods of sun exposure. The Adventure Fit is also moisture wicking and structured, making it the perfect outdoor baseball cap!

Woman sitting with waves in the background wearing a black Ponyback ponytail hat

2. Wrinkle prevention

    Did you know that sun exposure may cause up to 90% of the visible changes attributed to aging? That’s right, skin damage done by the sun is no joke. Ultraviolet (UV) radiation can cause a breakdown of collagen in your skin, which is a protein that keeps your skin looking firm and bouncy. And that’s why you should make sure you’re doing the right things to take care of your skin. Wearing a hat is a great way to protect your skin from sun damage. It's a small habit that can benefit you and your skin for years to come! Ponyback fitted baseball caps are very effective when it comes to protecting the skin on your face from UV rays. Baseball caps have a brim that extends all the way across the front of the hat. This means that it can provide shade for your whole face. A Ponyback Adventure Fit and Sporty Fit are both made of a polyester material that makes the hat moisture wicking, giving you a cooling sensation. It can also be comfortably worn with any updo hairstyle, truly making it the best hat option for summer. 

    Woman wearing a Khaki Everyday Fit hat at the beach

    3. Prevent Scalp Burns

      Wearing a hat can also be beneficial for preventing scalp sunburns. Sunburns on the scalp are particularly unpleasant and painful. When the scalp is exposed to strong UV rays, it can become red and swollen. It can also form blisters which can make it difficult to style or brush hair. The scalp is one of the most vulnerable areas of the body to experience sun damage because it’s often neglected and it’s difficult to apply sunscreen to. Protecting your scalp can also be a difficult task since sunscreen and hair don’t really mix (nobody likes greasy sunscreen hair). The most reliable and easy way to protect your scalp from the sun is by wearing a fitted hat.By wearing a hat you don’t need to worry about reapplying sunscreen or if your scalp is in the direct sunlight, you can simply live your life as normal. A Ponyback womens baseball cap is the best option for scalp protection because it fits to all hairstyles. This means that you never have to sacrifice your scalp health in order to rock a cute up-do again!

      Little girl wearing a white Ponyback ponytail youth hat at the beach

      4. Protect your eyes

        Protecting your eyes from the sun is crucial for maintaining good eye health and preventing any kind of long term damage to the eyes. UV rays can cause many negative effects to eye health such as cataracts, macular degeneration, and even skin cancer on the eyelids. This is why protecting your eyes from the sun is so important. Not only does sunlight cause long term damage, it also causes eye strain caused by sunlight in general. Wearing a hat is one of the best ways that you can protect your eyes because the extended brim can reduce glare, block sunlight, and provide shade. Wearing a hat is a really simple habit you can implement into your daily life to protect yourself from the sun's harmful rays. A baseball cap is a better choice than a typical sun hat because it can be worn in all settings including sports, day to day life, out with friends, etc. With that being said, a Ponyback hat is the best option of all! You shouldn’t have to compromise style in order to protect yourself from the sun. With Ponyback, that’s no longer an issue. Ponyback comes in multiple colors and fits to best suit your needs and personality, and it can fit all hairstyles, making it the most versatile fitted hat on the market. 

        So there you have it! You now know the true importance of sun protection and why a fitted hat is the best way to protect your face, hair, scalp and eyes. Summer is just around the corner, so make sure you prioritize and protect yourself, after all you only have one body so take care of it! 

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