Benefits of choosing a Ponyback Beanie Hat

Benefits of choosing a Ponyback Beanie Hat

Did you know that Ponyback offers a Beanie hat version of the famous Ponyback baseball cap? That’s right, our beanie hat for women has the same magnetic opening in the back of the hat as our baseball caps. The Ponyback beanie hat is the best winter hat option for women and anyone with long hair because you can comfortably wear it with any updo hairstyles. The magnets inside the seams of the opening can seal perfectly around your hair so that the opening becomes completely invisible! Unlike other ponytail hats, the Ponyback’s opening is completely invisible when closed so it looks like a regular hat. This makes the Ponyback much more stylish and versatile than other ponytail hats on the market. Since we’re a Canadian company, we needed to make a winter version of our hat for everyone who lives in a colder climate. So we created the Ponyback beanie! This hat is made of a super soft material and we’re certain you’ll love it. In this article, we’ve listed some benefits of a Ponyback beanie opposed to your regular everyday beanie hat

Keeps hair out of your face in the winter weather

Having long hair can be really annoying during the winter because there’s usually lots of cold wind. Obviously, if you’re wearing your hair down it will get in your face a lot when you’re outside. Usually, the solution to this problem would be to tie your hair up into a ponytail or bun. However, since it’s so cold outside, this would leave you with a super cold head and ears since you’d have to take off the winter hat you’re wearing to wear the updo style. But there’s a solution! With the Ponyback beanie hat you can wear updo styles with your beanie hat, so no more hair in the face! 

Hairstyle versatility

One of the main benefits of the Ponyback beanie hat is the flexibility of being able to switch from wearing your hair down to an updo style. The magnetic seam is completely invisible when closed so the beanie looks super cute even when you aren’t wearing an updo style. So, if you need to switch between hairstyles, there’s no issues and you can keep your head warm the entire time! If you have long hair, you understand the struggle of hating the way your hair feels on your neck when wearing all your winter gear like a coat and scarf. Your neck will get super itchy and uncomfortable from the hair. The Ponyback beanie hat gets rid of this issue! You can finally give your neck a break while keeping your head and ears warm. 

Show off cute hairstyles

Another huge perk of choosing the Ponyback beanie hat is that you can show off some cute updo hairstyles with your beanie! No more shoving your updo into a regular beanie hat. The hat’s magnetic seam opening closes perfectly around your updo hairstyle so that you can keep the warmth in while also showing off your cute hairstyle. Some of our favorite updo hairstyles to pair with the Ponyback beanie are a high bubble braid, a cute messy bun and a fishtail braid! Wearing different hairstyles is a great way to show off some of your personality during the colder months. 

Soft and Durable Material

The Ponyback beanie hat is made of a super soft acrylic material. This material has a super light and soft feel but it will also keep your head warm during cold days. It’s a very durable fabric so it’s great for winter activities such as skiing, snowboarding and skating. The material is also super stretchy so it can comfortably fit on all head shapes and sizes. To wash this hat, you can easily rinse it in cold water and lay it flat to air dry. At Ponyback, we’re all about feeling comfortable in a hat, so this hat is designed to be super comfortable for everyone.

Our goal is for women and people with long hair to feel confident and comfortable in hats. With the help of the Ponyback beanie hat for women, we truly feel like we can achieve this goal. The Ponyback beanie hat provides comfort to people with long hair without sacrificing style. This winter, try out the Ponyback beanie hat and see first hand how it can make your life a little bit easier! 

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