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3 Reasons Why Ponyback is the Best Hat for Hair

They work with any hairstyle. "Love them!! They work with any hairstyle" ~ Ashley P

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#1) No more adjusting your ponytail. 

"These are amazing! I'm so glad I found these, now I don't have to adjust my ponytail every time I want to wear a hat. I'll definitely be buying more colours!" ~Sharna M

This is the first reason why I thought of the design for Ponyback. I was on summer vacation, and it was VERY hot, we were at a beach destination and my kids were constantly in the water. I wanted my hair to be up and off of my neck, but my ponytail was always too high for that one spot above the adjustable strap. It was annoying to readjust it to a spot on my head I normally didn't wear a ponytail. I love that the flexible magnetic opening can wrap around my ponytail wherever it happens to rest, making no more adjusting the first reason why Ponyback is the best hat for hair. 

#2) They work with any hairstyle. 

"Love them!! They work with any hairstyle" ~ Ashley P

I don't know about you, but I like to switch up my hairstyle throughout the day. On hot days, when it is cooler in the morning, I'll start my day with a down hairstyle with my Ponyback, as it heats up, I'll switch to a ponytail to help keep me cool. I love the flexibility of our closeable opening - because when I'm wearing a down style it looks like a normal fitted hat! I also love that it can fit my messy bun too. Best hat for hair flexibility for sure! 

#3) Perfect for bad hair days.

"Love these stylish hats! My go to for when I have bad hair days. Super comfortable" Ashley M

On those days when I just can't be bothered to do my hair. I LOVE rockin' my Ponyback to the grocery store, or to do my errands. Even on bad hair days, I know I'll look cute and pulled together with my Ponyback. Unlike visors, Ponyback can covered up those not so fresh looking greasy roots and no one will know. Best hat for bad hair days.

Did I miss any reasons that make Ponyback the best hat for hair? If so, please drop them in the comments! I'd love to hear!


Stacey (Founder of Ponyback)

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