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Everyday Fit

Everyday Fit is a soft cotton that is great for casual (not sweaty) activities. Perfect for errands, casual walks, and just chillin'. Everyday fit comes in many colours to match your style! The structured front provides a clean front shape.

Adventure Fit

Adventure fit is made with a very durable recycled polyester that withstands strong UV rays & lots of outdoors time, moisture wicking and easy to clean, your go-to for travel & adventure. The structured front provides a clean front shape.

Sport Fit

Sporty Fit is made with a durable moisture wicking recycled polyester. The sporty is different from the Adventure with no front structure (front panels have no buckram lining). This makes the sporty easy to clean after a sweaty day of activity! Compact and easy to slip into your gym bag or purse! Holds up well to strong UV rays.


Same magnetic design now in a winter fit!