Five women are wearing Ponyback ponytail hats, three women are wearing white pony hats and two women are wearing black pony hats

Your style fits here.

Five women are wearing Ponyback ponytail hats, three women are wearing white ponytail hats and two women are wearing black ponytail hats

You guys, I have a vision. A vision of a brand that is welcoming and open. One that feels like belonging, like community. A brand where you are welcomed for YOU, as authentic and beautiful and unique. Where “different” is celebrated and loved. 

I originally set out to create a women’s hat. I started with a very unique ponytail hat that had functionality and quality combined. But what I’ve realized is that I’m creating much more than women’s hats. I’m creating a space, a community. 

I first realized this, when almost a year ago now, I was in the process of creating a ‘tag line’ for the sticker. My graphic designer asked me, ‘so do you have a tag line for Ponyback’?... And, I didn’t. I was so hyper focused on creating the perfect ponytail hat, that many of my branding decisions were not prioritized. 

So I asked you guys! I went to social media and sought out your advice! And… you guys came through with some great feedback! I pieced together a couple of lines from your suggestions and ultimately arrived at, “Your style fits here”... 

I thought this tag line was so clever, because it really illustrated the fact that your hair (ponytail, messy bun, braid, down style etc.); can fit in the Ponyback ponytail hat. But it ALSO illustrated that YOU unique goddess, fit and are welcomed here too!

A little about Ponyback Ponytail Hats:

Introducing the women's baseball hat to fit any pony! The perfect hat to fit your style and your hair! Uniquely made for you. Ponyback has a unique magnetic that closes to allow you to wear your hair up or down and look super cute! The ponytail hat that fits any style and type of hair, from the top button to the bottom of the band. Join the hat revolution! 



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