Woman wearing a Pink Ponyback ponytail hat with a white embroidered logo

Giving to Breast Cancer Awareness

Women wearing a pink Ponyback ponytail hat with a white embroidered logo

Did you hear? This past October we added a new colour to our Ponyback ponytail hat line up! It is a light pink neutral, the tone is called ‘Primrose’. I am also very happy to announce that $2 from each Ponyback hat sold are going to two amazing organizations! Rethink Breast Cancer & Metavivor

It is incredibly important that as women, we are taking the time each month to regularly do breast examines. This past October I ran a breast cancer awareness campaign in my stories, illustrating the importance and awareness of this disease. 

Through this campaign, I learned a TONNE! I learned about the struggles of young women who are being diagnosed with Metastatic breast cancer (MBC). I learned that the information and statistics surrounding MBC are not well tracked and very unknown. This is why I want to support these two organizations, not just as an October thing, but as a year round thing! 

Please check out their websites (Rethink Breast Cancer & Metavivor) to learn more about these amazing organizations, and consider making your own donation! 

If you haven’t already purchased your Primrose Ponyback ponytail hat, you can check it out here.


A little about Ponyback:

Introducing the women's baseball hat to fit any pony! The perfect hat to fit your style and your hair! Uniquely made for you. Ponyback has a unique magnetic that closes to allow you to wear your hair up or down and look super cute! The ponytail hat that fits any style and type of hair, from the top button to the bottom of the band. Join the hat revolution! 

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