5 Current Style Trends You Need to Know

5 Current Style Trends You Need to Know

Do you ever feel like every time you blink, a new style trend has appeared? Honestly, sometimes it feels like that. With social media taking a combination of new and old trends and making them into their own, it can get overwhelming. 

Well, I’m here to help! I researched 5 of the upcoming and current trends that are sure to be a perfect addition to your closet! Now with these trends, I wanted to keep them simple and everlasting, stuff that will last a lifetime! 

Now let’s get into it!

  1. Ok, so this trend took me a while to get on board with, Biker shorts! These guys have been trending for the last three years and seem to pick up more and more attraction every year. With them staying in style, I decided it was time to jump on the bandwagon and get a pair! They are so comfortable and can be styled up or down; throw a hoodie on and a Ponyback hat and ta-da instant outfit!


    2. Ouuu ok, so this style I love! Long flowy skirts, perfect for the summer season, these lightweight skirts are both stylish and cover more than other skirts that have trended in the past! These are also easy to style; put on a t-shirt or long sleeve. Anything goes and works with these skirts. 

    3. Co-ord two pieces! I love them!! Not only do they come in about a million different styles, but they can be worn in all seasons. You might ask, what do you mean co-ord? I thought the same when I first learned about them, but it’s basically a top and bottom that match! It can be athletic or a skirt and top; as long as it semi matches, it counts.


    4. Pastel anything! Pastels were out for a bit but have recently made an enormous comeback, with bold and unique outfits that are sure to be an eyecatcher (in a good way!). This style is perfect for switching up from neutral black and white outfits! Another fantastic benefit about pastel is that it can be paired with light colours, such as the white and primrose hats!

    5. My all-time favourite!! SWEATSUITS! Ok, so maybe over quarantine; I lived in sweatsuits. I mean, working from home meant no in-person activity, and therefore no one could see what I was wearing! This trend is impressive as an outfit can be instantly created by throwing on two pieces. Sweatsuits are now 100% acceptable to wear out in public and are definitely a good investment. 

Here you have it! 5 of the biggest, current trends that I think are a good investment! The best part about all these trends is that you can pair them with a Ponyback hat to complete the look! I hope you enjoyed reading this post! Check out our social media accounts for more style information @ponybackstyle

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