The power of affirmations.

The power of affirmations.

Empowering quote card that says Don't stop. Believe in yourself. Be who you were meant to be. Lean into your awesomeness. Embrace your YOU factor. Shine fiercely. Care deeply. GO GET IT. with a watermark Ponyback at the bottom

Hey guys! 

Today's little riff is about self-talk and the power of affirmations in your quest to truly find self love, and self acceptance. Any time I post a quote or affirmation on social, it is because it is something I am saying to myself in real time. 

In real-time, right now, today... After I launched a company for heaven's sake, I have moments when that little negative voice creeps in. The difference now, versus 10 years ago, is that I almost see that little voice from a different perspective than before. I almost see that voice like an outsider in my own mind. I see the thought... I think 'uhhh', and then I consciously remind myself of some truths. 

I literally have this conversation in my head - with myself! Lol. 

Truth - you came this far. You started a company. 

Truth - whenever any challenges crept up in the past, you dealt with them. 

Truth - you don't know what the future is going to hold, so let go. Be patient. Let it be. 

Truth - You are learning and growing each day. You will be prepared for that thing in the future, when it happens. No need to worry about it now. 

Annnndddd.... The list continues. I remind myself of these truths until the negative voice in head softens to dull hmmmm. 

I think we don't question that little voice enough. I think we are often too nice to that negative voice, like we invite in for coffee, then we invite it to the stay the night, then before we know it voice has moved in and started stealing your favourite clothes! 

Don't be kind to that negative voice. Instead invite in the voice that affirming messages: 

  • Don't stop
  • Believe in yourself
  • Be who you were meant to be
  • Lean into your awesomeness
  • Embrace your YOU factor
  • Shine fiercely
  • Care deeply

Let that voice take up permanent residency! lol. 

What are your most inspiring quotes and affirmations? Pop them in the comments below to continue the conversation! 


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