The Perfect Ponyback Pairing!

The Perfect Ponyback Pairing!

Hairstrong ponytail


Ever thought to yourself “Why can my hair never stay up when i need it to?” Or “Why is everything always breaking my hair?”

These questions are the exact ones that started Hairstrong. Hairstrong’s goal is to empower women to move on their own terms with a customizable athletic scrunchie, The Strongband™️, that can be adjusted to the perfect size - every, single, time. 

It doesn’t even make sense - no one’s hair is the same so why are we settling with wearing one-size-fits-all elastics that: 

  • Fall out
  • Start headaches
  • Damage hair follicles
  • Aren’t meant for you

The Strongband™️ is a revolutionary hair band that is made especially for you.

  • It keeps your hair up all day so you can focus on crushing your goals
  • It lasts extremely long so you don’t have to worry about that inopportune *snapping* moment
  • It’s less damaging to your hair - even your hairdresser will notice.

Hairstrong’s mission is to provide the perfect fit so that you feel confident and that you can crush your goals. Hairstrong provides three sizes of the Strongband™️.

  • The Nano Tough
  • The Original
  • The Extra Tough

Here’s how to know which size is perfect for you. 

Just like you using the measuring tape for your head size - use the same measuring tape after putting your hair in a ponytail and measuring the circumference of it. 

Hairstrong products showcased side by side

The Nano Tough is made for ponytails less than 2.5 inches in circumference. This hair type would be described as delicate, thin, and light. The Nano Tough was built specifically for women who have very thin or delicate hair - breaks under any tension. 

These Strongbands™️ are the perfect example of mini but mighty! Your hair is thin but that doesn't mean you don't need it out of your face to get stuff done. This size can also be perfect for hairstyles like half ponytails, or at the ends of your braids if your hair is super thick. 

The Original is made for ponytails less than 4 inches in circumference. The hair characteristics described would be thick or thin, dense or light, curly or straight. 

The Original is made for long, thin hair with a fine texture. It’s built for driven women who love to get stuff done.It doesn’t budge through your entire workout (we’ve tested it ourselves) because we deliver high quality, reliable products for high-impact women. It’s the scrunchie you wish you had all your life! You’re perfect just the way you are—we make Hairstrongs to fit you.

The Extra Tough is made for ponytails over 4 inches in circumference. The hair characteristics would be very thick, heavy, curly/straight, and very long. The Extra Tough is made for long, thick, or curly hair. It’s built for athletic women who struggle with their hair elastics breaking during exercise or wrap multiples around your hair to keep it in place… not cute.

You control the tension to wrap perfectly around your pony or bun. We promise a reliable product for strong women; you get back to living.

You’ll see that this is the only scrunchie you need—you deserve nothing but the best.

If you’d like to learn a little bit more about your hair before making a purchasing decision check out this blog here. You can also watch of video of how the Strongband works right here.

These measurements are what we recommend for the optimal hold for a workout or if you wanted to keep your hair up all day. Other preferences that might influence what size you’d want is the fabric. The Nano Tough has a very sleek look, if you wanted something a little less obvious in your hair, you could opt for that size even if your ponytail circumference is more than 2.5 inches. 

The Strongband™️ is more than just a scrunchie, or hair band, or whatever you’d like to call it. It’s the feeling you get when you feel absolutely confident in yourself. It’s the power you feel when you control how it fits. And it’s the movement that will disrupt how we put our hair up - forever. 

The Strongband and the Ponyback Hat will ensure you hair is out of your face plus looking great!

We told you they make a great duo...

Hairstrong founder NicoleAbout Hairstrong:

Founded by a student athlete at Western University who was tired of hair products not being able to hold up her hair for training. After she took an entrepreneurial course for her kinesiology degree, her career path changed as she decided to help other women who struggle keeping their long hair up and out of the way when achieving their goals. Follow them on instagram @hairstrongband

Photo credit: Hairstrong website and Instagram account.

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