Open and Closed! The mind blowing Ponytail hat

Open and Closed! The mind blowing Ponytail hat

Two individual images one showing a women wearing the Ponyback ponytail hat with her pony through the back magnetic opening, the second image showing a women wearing her hair down with the discrete opening in closed position, pointing to the back of the hat
Hey guys! 
This morning I created a TikTok video following the trend, "I remember when... I remember, I remember, I remember etc.!" Lol. Annnnyyywhooo! In the TikTok I put on a regular baseball hat without the back opening (like Ponyback) and reenacted the frustration of having to move your ponytail down to fit the hat! GAH! 
It honestly was triggering! Lol... You see it was that very frustration that led me to want to create a cute hat, that you could wear with both your pony or messy bun, and with your hair down. 

Cuteness factor HIGH

I know I am likely VERY biased about the cuteness factor of this unique ponytail hat (that can also be a very cute baseball hat!). But I have honestly not seen this hat on ONE person that doesn't look cute! Truly. 
One of my favourite things about this hat is that is sooo versatile! Where it as gym wear, or with your casual outfit! Check out these looks: 

1) Ponyback + Gym wear: 

Women at the gym wearing a white Ponyback ponytail hat with her pony through the back magnetic back opening of the hat. The women is holding a phone taking a selfie
Perfect for keeping your hair out of your face at the gym and to complete that cute gym look!

2) Ponyback + Athleisure:

Women wearing the black Ponyback ponytail hat with a high bun being pulled through the back magnetic opening in the hat. She is wearing a black puffer coat and white crop top with leggings
Pair your Ponyback hat with your favourite athleisure look! The perfect look for after the gym with your yoga pants!

3) Ponyback + Casual style

Two women wearing Ponyback ponytail hats, one wearing the black, one wearing the white hat. Both women are wearing the hair down, one women is wearing her hat backwards.
The perfect match for your hoodie and favourite pair of jeans! 

Sizing for ALL

I know that the main reason why this ponytail hat is soooo cute on a variety of people, with varying head sizes and hair types, is because we offer a large variety of sizes. From XS (54 cm) to ML (58 cm+), the hat is built for your head shape and size. Versus a one size fits all head sizes, the dimensions will be off on the height/depth. For more information on our sizes, please check out our sizing chart - I've posted some videos to help you out as well! 


A little about Ponyback:

Introducing the women's baseball hat to fit any pony! The perfect hat to fit your style and your hair! Uniquely made for you. Ponyback has a unique magnetic that closes to allow you to wear your hair up or down and look super cute! The ponytail hat that fits any style and type of hair, from the top button to the bottom of the band. Join the hat revolution!

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