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Giving to Breast Cancer Awareness

Women wearing a pink Ponyback ponytail hat with a white embroidered logo

Did you hear? This past October we added a new colour to our Ponyback ponytail hat line up! It is a light pink neutral, the tone is called ‘Primrose’. I am also very happy to announce that $2 from each Ponyback hat sold are going to two amazing organizations! Rethink Breast Cancer & Metavivor

It is incredibly important that as women, we are taking the time each month to regularly do breast examines. This past October I ran a breast cancer awareness campaign in my stories, illustrating the importance and awareness of this disease. 

Through this campaign, I learned a TONNE! I learned about the struggles of young women who are being diagnosed with Metastatic breast cancer (MBC). I learned that the information and statistics surrounding MBC are not well tracked and very unknown. This is why I want to support these two organizations, not just as an October thing, but as a year round thing! 

Please check out their websites (Rethink Breast Cancer & Metavivor) to learn more about these amazing organizations, and consider making your own donation! 

If you haven’t already purchased your Primrose Ponyback ponytail hat, you can check it out here.